• ADMINISTRATION: (706) 369-5650
    WORKFORCE: (706t) 369-5703
    AGING: (706) 583-2546
    PGS: (706) 369-5650

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    • Meet and communicate effectively with elected officials, government staff, and
      various stakeholder groups.
    • Work directly with local government officials and staff in providing guidance and
      supportive GIS services, including spatial analysis, geocoding, and preparation of
      zoning maps, future development maps, municipal boundary updates, and web-
      based maps (including story maps).
    • Promote the Division’s GIS services and perform, as needed, project development meetings to assist in concept planning and design of potential projects.
    • Perform GIS data capture, review, and formatting to meet the standards of Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs, Georgia Department of Transportation, and the US Census Bureau.
    • Maintain and update the NEGRC GIS data library (including project-specific data).
    • Maintain and update the Division’s GIS hardware, software, and plotter, in coordination with the agency’s information technology (IT) personnel.
    • Support the Division’s work on a variety of planning efforts including the following types of plans: comprehensive, bicycle/pedestrian, urban redevelopment, housing, and special plans.
    • Support the Division’s work in preparing maps for grant applications, reports, and special studies.
    • Attend scheduled meetings representing the NEGRC to provide programmatic information and advisement on projects and related issues. Prepare and present information in both informal and formal settings and facilitate meetings when required.
    • Write project narratives, reports, and plans of varying lengths with supporting imagery and infographics.
    • Prepare estimates and coordinate invoicing for fee-based GIS services.
    • Respond to questions by email, telephone, and/or in writing related to GIS services and planning.