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    Community & Economic Development

    The NEGRC serves as an Economic Development District (EDD) and Local Development District (LDD) through the Economic Development Administration (EDA) and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), respectively. We also coordinate with additional federal and state partners to deliver programs at the local level. These programs’ activities are guided by the NEGRC’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), ARC’s statewide Strategy Statement, and the NEGRC’s Regional Plan. 


    The PGS Division serves as a resource for the 12 counties and over 50 municipalities in Northeast Georgia. We provide guidance and expertise on the following community & economic development topics:

    Regional Planning Documents & Toolkits

    Regional Plans

    The PGS Division prepares, maintains, and implements regional plans that reflect up-to-date needs an priorities for the region.

    Regional Plan Click here to view the plan.
    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Click here to view the plan.
    Resource Management Plan Click here to view the plan.
    Guides and Toolkits

    To promote best planning practices throughout the region, the PGS Division provides guides and toolkits to assist our local governments.


    Complete Streets Guide Click here to view the plan.
    Infrastructure Inventory Guide Click here to view the plan.
    Housing Guidelines Click here to view the plan.
    Regional Studies

    The PGS Division regularly conducts studies on the Northeast Georgia region in order to inform local government policies.


    Regional Housing & Transportation Study Click here to view the plan.
    Multimodal Corridor Protection Study Click here to view the plan.

    Planning & Government Services Partners