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    PGS staff assist cities and counties with local planning and undertake regional projects within the twelve-county area.  We work directly with local governments, state agencies, nonprofit organizations, authorities, and other stakeholders to create and implement diverse plans for our region and our communities.

    Planning Resources


    We offer ongoing assistance with the Census Bureau’s Annual Boundary & Annexation Survey (BAS) at no charge to our local governments.

    If you have questions about or need help with Census-related activities, contact Mark Beatty

    Local Planning

    Our services include work in comprehensive plan preparation, transportation, natural resources, housing, infrastructure, strategic planning and facilitation, economic development, and other special project areas.  Whether your community knows exactly what kind of planning work it needs or if you require help framing a vision and concept, PGS staff are available to help.

    Comprehensive Planning

    The PGS Division is available to prepare Comprehensive Plan updates at little-to-no cost for Qualified Local Governments – this includes needs and opportunities, vision and goals, and a community work program. Other elements may be required, depending on the community’s characteristics, such as transportation, housing, land use, and economic development. Contact the PGS Division to learn more about your community’s comprehensive planning deadline and requirements.

    Regional Planning

    The PGS Division prepares, maintains, and implements regional plans and assists groups of local governments with multi-jurisdictional projects upon request.

    Regional Plan Click here to view the plan.
    Resource Management Plan Click here to view the plan.
    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Click here to view the plan.
    Northeast Georgia Plan for Bicycling and Walking Click here to view the plan.
    Rural and Human Services Transportation Plan Click here to view the plan.


    Development & Environmental Reviews

    Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) are large-scale developments likely to result in regional effects beyond a single jurisdiction in which they occur. Any project that meets or exceeds DRI thresholds must be reviewed prior to local government action.

    For DRI-related assistance, contact Carol Flaute.

    Click here to visit our Development & Environmental Reviews page for more information.

    Historic Resource Planning

    The Northeast Georgia Region possesses an abundance of historic and natural places. These give it both distinction and unsurpassed ‘livable’ quality. PGS staff serve as Regional Preservation Planners and provide expertise and guidance on historic preservation. For more information or to request assistance, contact Jody Graichen.

    Click here to visit our Historic & Natural Resources page for more information.

    For information on Historic Preservation Division (HPD), Section 106, and other environmental reviews, visit our Development & Environmental Reviews page.


    NEGRC offers GIS mapping support, upon request. Available services include:

    • Story Map creation
    • Zoning Map creation & updates
    • Future Land Use and Character Area Map creation & updates
    • Local resources and facilities (existing or planned) mapping, including trails, historic resources, and community facilities
    • Assistance with the annual US Census Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS)
    • Redistricting

    To request assistance and/or additional information, contact Mark Beatty.

    Transportation Planning

    The PGS Division provides transportation planning services directly to local governments and in contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Areas of expertise include: bicycle and pedestrian planning, rural transit planning, and data collection and verification for existing facilities.

    Click here to visit our Transportation page for more information.

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