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    As of September 16, 2021, the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission has implemented a new policy requiring the submittal of a site plan for all Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Reviews. DRIs are large-scale developments likely to result in regional effects beyond a single jurisdiction in which they occur. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) established DRI review procedures with the intent to improve communication between affected governments and provide a means of revealing and assessing the potential impacts of large developments. Any project that meets or exceeds DRI thresholds must undergo a DRI Review, conducted by the Regional Commission, prior to local government action.

    Site plans provide added context and information beyond what is captured by the two required DRI written forms. The intent of adding this required element is to improve DRI Review consistency, enhance the ability of potentially affected parties to properly assess how a proposed project might impact their jurisdictions, and to expedite the DRI application process by reducing follow-up information requests from NEGRC staff.

    More information on the DRI Review process, thresholds, and requirements is available on DCA’s DRI website.

    For questions regarding DRI Reviews in Northeast Georgia, contact Stephen Jaques, NEGRC Project Specialist.