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    The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission is proud to announce the release of our Northeast Georgia Regional Housing & Transportation Analysis. The study measures the average cost of housing and transportation for households in every county within the region. Most households in the region are paying more than the recommended percentage of household income for both housing and transportation. The study offers general recommendations to reduce the cost of these necessities, such as adding more local business and employment opportunities, and expanding housing and transportation options. Additionally, individual analyses and recommendations are made for each county based on their unique situation. Communities that wish to incorporate these recommendations into their policies can receive assistance from the NEGRC through comprehensive planning, transportation planning, zoning revisions, and more. Please contact Mark Beatty, NEGRC Project Manager, at mbeatty@negrc.org, or Stephen Jaques, NEGRC Project Specialist, at sjaques@negrc.org, for housing or transportation-related questions, resources, and assistance.